Just For Fun: Art created as gifts or just trying out new ideas.
Rugby Roo. Vector art created using Adobe Illustrator
Rugby Roo companion art. Vector art created using Adobe Illustrator
"Lost Tomb of the Crazy Cat Lady" Pen drawing, scanned into Photoshop and colorized.
Sorceress! Custom drawing created as a gift. Pen, colored pencil, watercolor.
Pen and marker drawing with edits in Adobe Photoshop. Created as a fun project; based on a family photo.
Dali-esque Guitars. Prismacolor pencil on frosted drafting film. Created as a gift.
Drumhenge. Watercolor, pen, and watercolor pencil on paper. Created as a gift.
Been Here and Bought the T-Shirt! Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

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